Stakelogic, OneCasino, iGaming content in the Netherlands

Stakelogic and OneCasino join forces to offer top-quality iGaming content in the Netherlands

Stakelogic, a leading iGaming content provider, has recently announced that it will be supplying its wide range of high-quality iGaming content to OneCasino, a major player in the Dutch market. This collaboration will give Stakelogic a direct entry into the region, strengthening its position in the market.


Stakelogic & OneCasino Partnership:

The two categories that will majorly go live at OneCasino are live dealers and slots. The Dutch market is highly competitive, and having a strong partner like OneCasino is a great opportunity for Stakelogic to climb up the ladder. OneCasino is considered one of the best online casinos in the Netherlands, giving Stakelogic the confidence that it has started on a positive note.

Stakelogic’s popular titles like Super Stake Blackjack by Stakelogic Live and slot titles like Big Runner Deluxe, Multi6Player, and Multi4Player will be readily made available to players across the Netherlands, among many others. A large number of titles from the roulette table and blackjack will also be available under the content partnership of Stakelogic and OneCasino.

According to Olga Bajela from Stakelogic, the collaboration with OneCasino allows them to introduce live dealer and slot titles to the players in the Netherlands market. Olga also believes that OneCasino excels in delivering an exceptional experience to its players through the offering of high-quality games that are easy to understand and easy to play.

One factor that can help operators distinguish themselves in the market is their iGaming content supplier. Mark Schram, the Chief Executive Officer of OneCasino, has called Stakelogic a vital provider with titles in the categories of slots and Stakelogic Live, appreciating its gameplay by saying that it is thrilling, entertaining, and captivating. Mark has established a strong confidence in the collaboration, reflecting OneCasino’s commitment to offering a better gaming experience.

The future sees both Stakelogic and OneCasino launch a dedicated live casino experience to elevate the gameplay for players. The environment, per the announcement by Stakelogic, will further enhance the immersive experience in the gaming segment through the offering of exclusive and unique environments. OneCasino has a lot to gain in this aspect, as the entire experience will be tailored specifically for the brand.

Making the content partnership interesting from the point of view of Stakelogic is the 24-hour customer support service by OneCasino. Needless to say, integrating the titles is only sure to enhance the experience of its players across the region.

In conclusion, the collaboration of OneCasino with Stakelogic reflects the operator’s commitment to offering a better gaming experience. They are now looking forward to granting access to their players to a new list of games by Stakelogic. This partnership will provide a unique opportunity for both Stakelogic and OneCasino to strengthen their positions in the Dutch market and offer exceptional gaming experiences to their players.


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